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Monday, July 2, 2012

Kraft makes life easy!

Normally when I bake Wild Salmon fillets I just throw a little seasoning on them and grill them up. I wanted to try something different but fast and easy.

I was at Walmart grocery shopping with my Sister-in-Law and I picked up another Kraft Fresh Take. Rosemary and roasted garlic is the one I used.

I put skin side down and just piled the mix on top. Was very very good!

I did spray lightly with the olive oil in a spray can and baked at 350 for about 30 mins.

This was the side! Fresh grean beans with a chopped up vidalia onion with a little salt and pepper and 5 slices of bacon. They cooked for around 4 hours on high in crock. This was before cooking. Turned out good as well. Was all served with a side of jasmine rice. Mmmmm good food!


ABC- Classic Fruit Tart

This months challenge comes from "The Weekend Baker" by Abigail Johnson Dodge

Pan from target
I have no experience what so ever in making tarts. In fact, I didnt even own a pan so I headed to target to pick up a tart pan with removable bottom. Pretty orange color :) I had so many questions about the pan alone! The bottom removable part, which way does it go since its not completely flat and has a little rim around the edge. I baked mine edge up but thinking I failed on it.

I did bake mine in steps and did most ahead of time. I decided to triple the recipe so I could share and bring the tart to family for the 4th of July. The plan was to make 2 full tarts and some tart-lettes. Maybe my pan was bigger than most? I used 1 1/2 dough on my pan. I ended up with 1 full tart and 4 tartlettes and about 1 batch of crust left. Almost all my filling went in the one pan itself. Glad I tripled it just to cover the pan :)

So glad I read the other ladies reviews! I did roll mine flat in pieces and then used a bench scraper to scoop up in sections and then pressed evenly into pans. I am not confident I could have gotten the entire crust up in one piece. I can see where a person would be aggrivated trying to get it all in one but results were amazing! So different from a standard pie crust.


I thought once assemble it turned out just gorgeous! I was actually proud of myself. Iv never made anything like this and it turn out so pretty.

The tartlettes are so adorable! I couldnt help but be impressed by them. You could really jazz up each individual tart by customizing it to the person preference. Seems your options could be endless with so many fruits in season right now.

My family really enjoyed the dessert. It was so pretty before I cut into it :) Once I did things just starting running together which is why I think I prefer the tartlettes. They seem to stay pretty once served. I always dread that first cut anyways. I cant ever get that first one out with out destroying it completely! Great recipe. I think I would make again if I had a special event and time.

*** My tart bottom was upside down :( That may be why my crust crumbled when I cut into it. Plus when I lifted the tart came up but didnt wanna slide off the bottom part. My first tart and it was an experience with errors. Next time ill be pro right?

Thanks Ladies!