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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sourdough Popovers

Sourdough popovers

On sunday I decided to make my own sourdough starter... After several searches I decided on a very simple and easy starter. Today was my day to discard a cup and "feed" the rest. As most bakers, I was hesitant to throw out the cup because it just felt wasteful!!! And I absolutely hate wasting anything... I jumped on King Arthurs sight to see what I could dig up with an "unfed" cup. I wanted something simple, quick and easy. Popovers! 5 ingredients and done in 30 mins? Yes please!
My "discard"
Nice and spongey!!!

Recipe said to mix and should be the consistency of heavy cream. I think I got it to where it should be.
Straight from the oven!

This is first time I have ever made these and im not sure what my texture should be, but im quit sure they were slightly under cooked. I was afraid to burn them so took them out slightly early. They were ok, but I think for my next discard, ill try something else....

Thursday, January 3, 2013


Coming to you from the ABC club for the year of 2013, the decision has been made to bake from King Arthur Web <big squeals> I have been a fan of them for years and they are my go to for almost everything. So this year is going to be the best!

This was a very fun and easy recipe! I enjoyed making it :) I do need to share why I was soooo excited to make these, drum roll please........!


My new kitchen aide mixer!!!! This is the best thing ever for bread. How did I ever live with out it??? Love the color of it too. Ok back to Panettone...

I did not have the fancy pants extract so I think I did what some of you did... I used the lemon extract and just vanilla. To add to the flavor, when I cooked my craisins, I used Lots of pulp orange juice and the zest from one lemon. Not to get side tracked again, but I have a yankee candle and the scent is mandarine cranberry. I love the smell of it!!! I didnt really have any other dried fruits and I wanted to keep it simple with just the craisins so I opted to not go to the store and get anymore.


Another thing I didnt have was MILK! With kids on Christmas break, they were going thru it and I didnt think to check before I started, BUT I always have fat free half and half on hand. I used about 3/4 cup and filled the rest with water. I dont think you can even tell I didnt use milk. Was all the same.


I must say these were absolutely delicious! I could tasted the lemon, orange and cranberry in every bite and I was completely satisfied with how they turned out. My kids loved them and had them for a bed time snack. This is a keeper.... My only question about this recipe is why couldnt you use fresh fruits??? Your rehydrating dried right? Just a thought and something I may think about next time. Enjoy! :)