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Friday, June 29, 2012

Overnight Brioche Bread

Wow! I have never tasted a bread better than Brioche. This is my first time making it. I love to make breads but I usually stick to the very easy and most of time made in the bread machine breads. I almost always even use the machine to do the dough process. So this was really a big deal for me.

Before I get to far, this was a recipe that did for the month of june. I just recentely joined but after recieving my book in the mail, The Weekend Baker by Abigail Johnson Dodge, and looking at this I just had to make it. And im glad I did. I cant even describe the taste except that I know ill never make regular dinner rolls again. This recipe for me is definately a keeper.

I made 3 batches and this was my first after all the mixing. I wish id taken pictures of the other 2 because it looked much silkier than this.


Braiding bread is fun. So I decided to go with a 4 braid round.


I made 2 rounds out of each batch. I thought it turned out pretty! Oh and please ignore my table. Normally its covered with a cloth unless im baking and its gotten lots of use over the years.


So I ended up with 4 rounds, a 6 braid and a 3 braid.

As you can see this is the 3 braid. I cut a chunk to try hot and fresh out of the oven and YOWZA!


This is the inside. I guess this looks good. I know it sure tasted delightful!


I really enjoyed my evening bake :) With it being so hot out i thought this would keep my house cooler and it did! Its just late and now im tired :)


I found this to be actually a very easy bread to make. Only bump in the road was I decided to do a 3 strand braid and I had to youtube how to braid with only 3 strands?!?! Even after watching video I messed up somewhere so after it baked that was the loaf me and family nibbled on. Hey 6 is no prob but watch out for 3! hehe Good night all!


Now I have some questions for the pros! Can I make more than one batch at a time if I have a big bowl? If yes, would I divide before first rise or after? And, does it matter which kind of bowl you use? Glass, metal, plastic... Thanks ladies! Good night :)


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